What a Spanish Class with elmatizTM is about...

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  • Highest possible share of speaking Spanish yourself.
  • Learning comfortably, online or by phone, with your private teacher.
  • Improving yourself and having fun with it.
Welcome to elmatizTM

Private Spanish classes - individual tuition plans...

In our view, most language students are learning many things, except for speaking. Just imagine a group of five students and one teacher, in a class of 45 minutes. The speaking-share of the teacher might be at 50 percent, the rest of the time is divided up between the five students. Five minutes of proper oral practice might be called slightly pointless.

With elmatiz you will learn Spanish with a private teacher. In an individual class, your own share of speaking is maximized. This way, we can boost your learning success.

And individuality - in our terms - not only refers to the private character of your class. Even more, it is about customizing contents to your very personal needs. In a first meeting, we listen carefully what the client's learning context is. Maybe, you are preparing for a particular Spanish exam. Or your company wants you to spend some time in South America. Just tell us, and we will advise our teachers to design a class specifically for you.

Learn Spanish comfortably online or by phone.

There is no need to waste time driving to your next language school. Just take your Spanish class from any place you like. Your private teacher will contact you by internet or phone. You decide when and where you want to study. All you need is have Skype installed on your computer. If not, we can call you by phone.

Our teachers are native Spanish Speakers with academic backgrounds (from Peru, Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries). They also speak English. Any misunderstandings can be cleared immediately, while the class itself is designed completely in Spanish.

Improve yourself have fun.

Learning a language can open your mind. Although it is hard work, it does not necessarily have to be dry and dull. Many of our students actually consider their personal classes welcome breaks in their every-day lives. In our view, having fun adds to success in learning. What do you think?

Try it out, it's free...

To give you a better idea of learning Spanish online, you will receive your first Spanish class free of charge. And this trial comes without any obligations.

Welcome to elmatizTM